Sunday, 8 September 2013

Alexia in Fiona's Florist shop

Alexia in Fiona's Florist shop - jobs episode (part-comic mode)

This episode (part) of the story is all about Alexia's jobs that she got, to help pay for her student fees! Fiona is a very nice florist who owns a lovely little shop in the city. They become friends, and this lady becomes fond of Alexia - she sees her as a daughter. Fiona lost something in her life, what did she lose that was so important to her?....

Part-comic mode format, layered - two panels as a combined image - continuity. It is, actually, unusual to see the same image or background continue in the next panel, in a comic. Usually, that happens in moving cartoons. 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Alexia the Helper - Web pages: A to Z Index of Everything!

Alexia the Helper - Web pages:  A to Z Index of Everything!

Here (below) are links to Web pages that have once again, been re-edited. This includes a new page with Random "thumbnail" images. Some of the images have been created electronically, using computer graphics, rather than being hand-drawn and painted. The panels within the story are either in part-comic mode, full-comic mode, or shown as life-like as possible - there are several versions.

Links as follows:
Alexia the Helper - A to Z Index of Everything!

Random Thumbnail Images of the Characters in the story

Alexia, in the college library.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Alexia: New comic/ story episode written by children - aged just 9 and 11.

New comic/ story episode written by children - aged just 9 and 11.

Another episode (story) of 'Alexia's Story' (Nocturnals/ Hawk Meadows) has been written by two children - my adorable nieces, aged 9 and 11! This is a mixed version, which, when completed and published, will be in both story-book and comic-book format, complete with a story questionnaire, puzzles and some colouring-in for young readers. This story features Alexia and her best friend Jenna, talking about childhood memories - since when they were at pre-school together, aged only 4.

[Alexia:]  This is from a picture partly created by the children. More to follow.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Frames from Animation

Frames from Animation.

Here, will be showing frames which will eventually form a moving image!

The rain from Alexia's hair will be literally, dripping!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

"Blind Survival" - short story

"Blind Survival" - a short story.

This is a moving story originally written and illustrated by my brother, in 1995. I am helping to re-write and illustrate it, and may be linked with Alexia's Story.
Blind Survival is about a couple of mountain walkers/ climbers who get struck by lightning and killed, but don't realise that they have been killed until they try to talk to their family and friends. A portal leads them back to their loved ones - but will they be reunited with the people they care about the most?
Handkerchief most definitely needed!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Special Events / Festivals that displaying artwork

Special Events / Festivals that displaying artwork.

Please visit this if you can, I'll be there !

Alexia's Story; (Nocturnals/ Hawk Meadows, 1994 onward) - New Artworks and Animation frames/ panels

ALEXIA's Story - New Artworks, (including for animation).

So, after a good few weeks there are a number of pieces almost completed - and I'm finally able to start again posting here! Most of the work is already in full-colour, this includes frames that will form the short-animation when it eventually gets published. The resulting moving picture will probably "behave" in the same way as 'Daria' series 1 (created 1996/ '97 - first screened March, 3rd, 1997); and the morphing end-credits animation of 'Think Again', (1982, "ish") - can see the frames moving around slightly, so you'll know what I mean.

Here is an example from one of the pieces..... (please click to make bigger).
"Alexia: Mesmerised".
Alexia's Art Gallery when "googled" using a Smartphone.